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Don't expect so much, Jordan Brand's flagship shoe is part of the All Star Festival version of the sale, and now there's the Air Jordan 2011 in black and white. Let's see. Air Jordan 2011 completely breaks the limitations of "faster", "more explosive" and "Zoom", or "cushioned insoles" for all performance. Here are some new photos. What have we seen? This may be the e cheap air jordans nd of the year's durable shoes, its unique piece of embedded fender design. Starting this weekend, you can find sneakers on eBay in February 19th. 2012-6-12 upload and download attachments at 16:38 (136.16, KB) Nike 6 is a product line for outdoor extreme sports. It is designed for skateboarding, fancy skiing, surfing, BMX, snowboarding and extreme motor sports, 6 sports. Nike6.0 product line is quite rich, the color is also very rich, conspicuous, the fashion sense is full, pays attention to the movement sense and the tidal current. The two Nike 6 Mavrk 3 were new to the classic black and white color collocation and mint green black leather Swoosh suede and leather shoes, the collocation form a strong texture effect, at the same time in white on black rubber outsole, of course, more content is added slowly in the shoes shock insole Lunarlon, give the wearer more comfort feeling. Two new products have landed the major monopoly, like friends can pay attention very suitable for abdominal exercises at home friends, no abdominal training equipment. cheap foamposites Here to recommend three abdominal muscle training illustrated demo map is divided into easy, medium or hard part, tomorrow for everyone to bring moderately difficult articles. supine alternating heel contact supine knee raises core supine abdominal volumesupine knee received alternate diagonalsupine abdomen plate support action supine knee raises the waist reverse volume lateral leg raise crunches lateral leg raise crunches - supine abdominal volume stretchingSupine knees abdominal volume Source: fitnesMicro-blog Wu Xin recently issued a set of iLady images, stunning outfit. Since Wu Xin cut short hair, wearing a style like hanging open. A be praised as Hepburn before wearing, take more in line with fashion collocation wearing today. Let's take a look at Wu Xin, originally a small thick legs. How to counter attack? wide leg pants + high-heeled shoes Wu Xin demonstrated the little girl how to wear long legs? It is wide leg pants and high-heeled shoes, and must pay attention to, must be high waisted wide leg pants yo, this elongated lower body proport jordans on sale mens ion is taller. In addition, Wu Xin chose two trousers straps, a strap vest, increased the woman. After a strap belt plus Shanghai blue striped shirt, wear navy style. Such collocation is nifty and changeable. dress dress can successfully covered Wu Xin's legs, before a piece of dark colors, black and white grid small sling plus denim dress, plus net yarn make people feel feminine Choker, with some cute and magic. Another dress, lace tail design for the overall soft clothing up. . small and small thick legged girls, their best friends still skirt, because the skirt can lengthen the leg of the overall proportion, let people focus on the whole, while ignoring the small thick legs. Wu Xin, the two sets of collocation, is the beautiful youth, the silence is quiet. Wu Xin has successfully led the trend of collocation, what are you waiting for, quickly learn to wear! AIR JORDAN has become a trend now. Many people have a special liking for flying shoes. Do you really know about every generation of shoes? Xiao Bian, take a look at AJ's regular shoes, Air jordans on sale online Jordan 1 is the first basketball shoe of the Nike Jordan series. It was born in 1985. The key technology of Air Jordan1 is the built-in air cushion unit. The upper part is made of leather and the outsole of the hard rubber. although the technology of this shoe looks so shabby now, it has a special meaning, but it is the most profound one in all Jordan shoes. It marked the beginning of a flying age and the birth of a brand myth. Jordan and Nike signed a $2 million 500 thousand contract for 5 years, creating the first astronomical price for a professional sponsorship contract. North Carolina blue , one of the hottest, is Air Jordan 1 Bred Air Jordan 1 Bred once unveiled, the game went on the NBA President David Stern blacklist, the reason is: the design did not add enough white elements. Even so, Nike is willing to pay for every $5000 dollar fine, so it has also made people talk about Air Jordan 1, "Banned" banned wearing the theme of advertising. , however, Sole Collector is currently well-known media shoes questioned, said Air Jordan 1 "Banned" adv Retro jordans for sale ertising is only a commercial speculation, by tracing the graphic stories of the year and compared the original ticket, really banned shoes for black and red color of the Nike Air Ship, a former AJ1 period over shoes. What is Nike to deceive, or true, it is no longer important, because no storm wear enough to make black and red color of Air Jordan 1 into the history of the greatest basketball shoes in the ranks. Air Jordan Bred Air Jordan Bred is also known as the cherry color fans September 3, 2016, Air Jordan 1 Bred again Air Jordan 1 as the most frequently engraved Jordan shoes, classic Bred color matching, naturally also bear the brunt of the first, repeatedly appeared in the eyes of people. Air Jordan 1 Bred was first released in September 15, 1985. The following year, a canvas version named after KO was introduced. ushered in its first 9 years in 1994. Since 2001 re engraved, the domestic price of RMB 799 yuan. 〉Miami Fengyun Nike LeBron 9 Low customized By C2 2013-12-08 22:17:54 sneakers often create their own dreams and unique jordan 3 katrina 2018 colors through their own hands. South Coast color matching has become one of the most important colors in the LeBron series, and we've all seen Mache's various South Coast color sneakers before. Today we're going to enjoy a Nike LeBron 9 Low that is customized by the C2 version of the Miami fengyun. C2 on the basis of Nike LeBron 9 Low "Easter" color matching, imitate Nike LeBron 9 Elite "Miami Vice""; completed the final customization program. The picture shows the final product of the Nike LeBron 9 "Miami Fengyun" personal customized version of[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] November 11, from Beijing, Shenyang, Changchun and Dalian to attend the "2011 Basketball Tournament in four cities in the elderly" in the Northeast University of Finance and the Basketball Hall started, although the sidelines of the audience and not much, but from the national team, retired professional basketball team of veteran athletes, about the shoe but Olympic memories. Pick Battier CCTV tried six generations shoes CCTV famous basketball commentator Xu Jicheng clea cheap jordans for sale rly remember, he wore the first pair of basketball shoes, or the Trustee from the Bayi team get. "It was probably in the early 1990s it was the Olympic sponsor Bayi team, I managed to pass at the time of the Bayi team players Huang Yunlong Fujian origin to get a pair, although still a little hard soles, but it is wearable, until A few years ago when I moved, it has not been brought to a new home. "Xu Jicheng said. CCTV famous basketball commentator will be a very memorable Jersey - Beijing Olympic Press Center basketball team uniforms donated to the Olympic 67-year-old former Chinese men's basketball national team, the Bayi team captain Xu Zheng Wen, one can see the Olympic basketball put it down. "Twenty years ago I was doing the Bayi team coach, will pass through the Olympic shoes." Xu Zheng Wen said, if I remember correctly, is the first to do Olympic basketball shoes, clothing brand, in my home Also hidden in one pair of the Bayi team won that year's Olympic basketball shoes through it. original "Outlaws of the Marsh" Wu actor ???? see in Dali Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale an Olympic, suddenly think of it, he had also passed through the Olympic shoes. "There is a feeling of deja vu." He said that the original Olympic thought is foreign brands did not think our country's own production. When he finished, Zhu Yanping took the staff handing me the latest 6th generation Pick Battier, to wear again. "Very fit," said Zhu Yanping. "Water Margin" Wu Zhu Yanping actor playing basketball to have a one-trick of Pick is China's first production sports brand basketball shoes, back in the late 1980s on the production of large size of basketball shoes, the Chinese professional basketball circles it is well known. In 1991, the Olympic sponsor, "August" men's basketball, the same year "August" team will win the championship. The Bayi team's top players, with Ares said Liu Yudong, is the first spokesperson Peak. Because Liu Yudong named Ares series of basketball shoes, but also because of its strong, wear-resistant and well received by consumers. So far, Peak already has 22 years experience in the production of goods and basketball, is the first Chinese sports brand among the NBA or NBA Chinese official marketing partner and the FIBA ??(FIBA) global marketing partner, signed Pakistan Teal, Lori and other NBA players more than ten consecutive years awarded "China's first brand of basketball," and also very well-known in the international market. Expected by the end of this year, the US Olympic first store will open in Hollywood location in Los Angeles. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)In front of this pair of item: 705329-106 release date: March 19thThis year for Messi, it can be said to be extraordinary, three times to raise the king of Spain gold cup, seven times Spanish champions, four European Super Cup champion, but also won the European green British best scorer title. In order to help Messi to play better, so he shows the full range of personal ability, for the Adidas Football recently launched a new Messi 15 boots. This section from the Argentina national flag color to draw inspiration, messiTOUCH material uppers, can have good control in contact with the ball, and give the comfortable foot feeling, at the same time provided by the messiFRAME messiPRINT application in the front foot lock, nails, combined with messiGAMBETRAX to provide a complete configuration in the outer bottom. 398858.jpg (87.32 KB, download times: 9) download attachment adidas Messi 15 brand new color 2015-9-13 upload at 23:34 399161.jpg (94.42 KB, download times: 9) download attachment adidas Messi 15 brand new color 2015-9-13 upload at 23:34 399163.jpg (94.76 KB, download times: 8) download attachment adidas Messi 15 brand new color 2015-9-13 upload at 23:34 399151.jpg (90.18 KB, download times: 8) download attachment adidas Messi 15 brand new color 2015-9-13 upload at 23:34 399157.jpg (94.21 KB, download times: 5) download attachment adidas Messi 15 brand new color 2015-9-13 upload at 23:34 399159.jpg (136.72 KB, download times: 8) download attachment adidas Messi 15 brand new color 2015-9-13 upload at 23:34 399165.jpg (74.1 KB, 〉Jordan brand athlete Russell · Westbrook successfully created in today's history, basketball history to get three pairs in a single season, the most players. Meanwhile, his brilliant performance continues, one of the greatest individual seasons in NBA's history. 123.jpg (502.39 KB, download times: 41) download attachment breaks League single season three double record, -Jordan brand salutes Westbrook to Upload 09:48 2017-4-10 "great" brand Jordan is the eternal pursuit, so we are not difficult to understand why Michael · Jordan thought Westbrook had inherited and his own spirit: because he is also constantly looking beyond all expectations. 18dfd68f-395c-43d4-9926-7fc8c975160f.jpg (442.52 KB, download times: 45) download attachment breaks League single season three double record, -Jordan brand salutes Westbrook to Upload 09:48 2017-4-10 b5465c39-d035-4eb6-8df1-f67c1fd8c56c.jpg (541.89 KB, download times: 40) download attachment breaks League single season three double record, -Jordan brand salutes Westbrook to Upload 09:48 2017-4-10 〉

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